Friday, August 19, 2005

Bobo's Bloggable Blather, or, Other Ideas for This Blog

So what can a Spokane theater blog do?
As I mentioned in my last post, same-night reviews -- a quick reaction to a given night's show.
Responses to reviews -- here's where I'd really like to get the conversation started. There have to be people out there who read Bobo's theater reviews and disagree with him completely. (Bobo misses a lot of things.) So sound off -- let your views be heard!
Outtakes from some reviews -- maybe not such a good idea, since I tend to blather on long enough as it is. But on occasion, I really regret not being able to mention costumes or lights or some particular line reading or bit of direction. There aren't any space restrictions on the Web!
Recruit contributors -- spread the word, get local theater people to stop lurking and start commenting.
Gossip: Journalists require sources, but gossips can just be bitchy.
Quick polls -- what did you think of X?
Ideas for increasing attendance. Every nonprofit arts org. in town faces this hurdle. A chance to pool ideas?
Ideas for arts reporting, along the lines of my July 28 story on auditions at ARt and Interplayers.(July 28, by the way, was my 50th birthday -- and where exactly were ALL THE PRESENTS, dahlings? -- because you know that good reviews depend on expensive gestures directed my way ... ) :-) But ideas for more arts reporting might include -- How can I report on backstage techies, or on the play selection process at the Civic, Lake City, ARt, Interplayers and elsewhere?
How to recruit more conservatives to the theater? We're supposedly inclusive, humanitarian and tolerant as a community. So why the pervasive attitude of, "Oh, he's a Republican, he's just a businessman, he doesn't get it"?
Links to national theater trends -- What do you hear about scripts or staging ideas or hiring trends in New York, Chicago, Seattle that might be applicable to Spokane? See also the (soon to be posted) links on this blog site to local and national theater Web sites. (Ideas for still more eagerly awaited.)


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