Friday, August 26, 2005

From My High Horse

When we first got the idea to have blogs for the Inlander we were reall excited. Because that meant that we would be able to interact with you, our readers, in a way that simply just isn't possible when printed up on dead trees. "Cool." we thought, "We can get feedback, maybe have some interesting discussions. It can be all sorts of awesome." Sure there may be things that people don't want to discuss or comment on. That's cool. Ideas will get thrown out there, the good ones will flourish and the not so good will suffer their evolutionary karma. Bobo was especially excited because he felt that theater people are interesting to hear from. We've all got (at the least) a funny story or two. And there is a lot of good discussion to be had about theater in Spokane.

We wanted it to be something that was interactive and fun enough for us that it didn't feel like work. We all understand that scene here isn't perfect, nothing is (cliche I know, but still true). I think also we all understand that theater tends to be dramatic in it's faults, community, etc. it is the nature of the beast. But when we start getting calls during the day during the day about people trolling the blog and spoiling for some sort of scene it's just not the drama we're looking for so like the Hand of God I have to come in and shut down all the cool interactive-ness here at StageThrust. We want to open this back up and hear from you. And tomorrow morning we'll turn it back on, with this caveat. This is a space to discuss what's happening. What kinds of theater are we lacking here? What shows aren't we seeing and why not? But we simply don't have the time or inclination to deal with the extra drama, if you are unhappy with a specific person for a specific reason this is not the appropriate venue. You want to be a little catty? Sure whatever, but we are not to be a vehicle for anonymous attacks on anyone period. Honestly: I don't care if Sally Director was caught with a bloody knife standing over the body of your brother, this is simply not the place for that discussion.

So, commenting: turned back on in the morning. Play nice or I swear to god I'll turn these Internets right around. I'm excited to have a lively, yet civil, discussion about what's going on. For one thing: when is this town going to start supporting more avant-garde theater? I want wierd chanting while I sit in a chair in a kiddie pool slowly being filled with bacon grease.

OK, maybe not that avant-garde.


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