Thursday, August 18, 2005


By midnight, Saturday 27 August, I plan to post my first instant review -- a seat-of-the-pants, first-reaction, brief commentary on local theater shows.
The first instant review will focus on A.R. Gurney's The Golden Age, directed by Michael Weaver as the opening production of the second season at Actor's Repertory Theatre of the Inland Northwest (ARt).

Why wait until the following Thursday to get the critical conversation started?
I encourage your responses -- if you see the show on opening night (or anytime during the run), then post a comment or two.
I've been reviewing theater in Spokane for five years, and I've long felt like a lonely voice in the wilderness. In the age of the Internet, why should my voice be the only one spreading opinions and other manure about local shows?
Write in, spout off, flame on.
I'm Bobo the Theater Ho, and I can damn well take it.

Furthermore, I reserve the right to change my own damn opinion from Saturday night to Tuesday night (when we go to press before showing up on the racks on Thursdays).

So, a snapshot review late Saturday night, a fuller consideration the following Thursday -- way too much information for the casual theatergoer ... and not nearly enough for us theater hos.


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