Friday, August 26, 2005

a word about rumors

Blogs are not journalism.

I have -- and would like to continue -- posting one-source, uncorroborated ideas, opinions and speculations in this blog.

I would not do that in print. But blogs are different.

Ironically enough, broaching rumors in this blog -- not vindictive personal attacks, which are unacceptable, but unconfirmed claims, for example, that Theater Z is considering this production or Actor Y might play that role -- could have the effect of squashing what everybody hates about rumors: how shifty and inaccurate they can be.
In other words, if I post an unconfirmed rumor and three people quickly say, "Oh, no, get your facts straight, buddy, here's how it really is ..." then I will make an effort to state the facts. Result? The _diminishing_ of rumors ... fewer rumors, and something closer to the truth.

This blog can be constructive and useful. Or it could blow up.


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