Thursday, August 25, 2005

York at Civic on Sept. 10

On Saturday, Sept. 10, at 8 pm on the Civic's Main Stage (won't a one-man show get lost up there?), David Casteal will return as York in his and Bryan Harnetiaux's one-man show about William Clark's black servant.

They're charging 15 bucks now and hoping for 330 in the house (not just 90, as in the Firth Chew Studio Theater), so I guess the word has gotten out that Casteal's high-voltage performance is worth seeing.

Casteal, who teaches 5th grade at Cooper Elementary, says that Harnetiaux "has just made a few changes in the script, just a couple of small details" -- but that he plans to "take a serious look at it" after the Sept. 10 show. That's because Casteal will be taking the show on the road this fall to schools and theaters in Montana, Oregon and other places in Washington state -- he has already performed it at a museum in Seattle, for instance.

Casteal, who does a lot of frenetic drumming in York, has just returned from Africa, where he was "doing a little research" on drumming.


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