Thursday, September 29, 2005

cast for Irma Vep

In The Mystery of Irma Vep (Oct. 20-Nov. 12 at Interplayers), two actors play eight roles -- including an Egyptologist and a werewolf.

Artistic Director Nike Imoru -- who will direct "Irma Vep," which is an anagram for guess what -- announces that those two actors will be Damon Mentzer (Inspecting Carol and Othello last season) and Christopher Bange, a professional clown and a member of the Possibilities, Imoru's Seattle theater troupe.

If the character transformations aren't as numerous in Irma Vep as in, say, Greater Tuna, they're quicker. Imoru reports that "one of the costume changes is accomplished in the space of one line."

Don't try quick changes like that at home, folks. These people are professionals. You? You'd only get tangled up in your underwear and fall over. Don't want an exhibition like that on a public stage.


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