Monday, October 03, 2005

gone to be with Aunt Ester now

Joe Turner's Come and Gone in '94 at the Civic's Studio Theater; Two Trains Running there in '95, both in conjunction with the Onyx Theater Troupe.

I saw James Earl Jones in Fences at the Huntington Hartford in L.A. in about '87, and a great production of Ma Rainey (with Charles S. Dutton) at the old L.A. Theater Center around '89. Piano Lesson was great on PBS -- but my most powerful memory of an August Wilson play? Derrick Lee Weeden as Harold Loomis in Joe Turner at Ashland in about '93.

And there was that Romare Beardan exhibit at the old MAC here in Spokane.

The greatest African-American playwright is dead at 60, just after completing his 10-play cycle. Wilson had Seattle connections; now I kick myself for not making a special trip to see his one-man show at the Seattle Rep a year or so ago.

Arthur Miller (I missed seeing him by about 12 hours in Conn. last summer) and now Wilson -- a sad time for American theater.

Anybody else with August Wilson recollections? Bobo would really like to hear 'em.


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