Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Braden Abraham and Interplayers

Braden Abraham is literary manager for Seattle Rep; he directed two recent and successful productions at Interplayers, The Underpants and True West.

In response to questions about Nike Imoru's resignation as Interplayers' artistic director, the possibility of his succeeding her, and the state of Interplayers' finances, he wrote the following:

Nike's departure is indeed a great loss for Interplayers, and it has been a privilege to direct at Interplayers during her tenure there. Nike is a phenomenal artist, and I look forward to seeing what she does next. Whoever takes over the job as artistic director will have a tough act to follow. In response to your questions: I'm honored that my name would come up as a possible candidate, but at the moment what you're hearing is pure conjecture. I've not spoken to anyone from the board about my candidacy at this time. Although my name did appear on some sort of short list of candidates two years ago, I did not apply for the position then. I knew Nike had the best qualifications for the position, and was thrilled when she received the appointment. I'm not in a position to comment on Interplayers' financial solvency. But I will say that as a guest artist, I have always been paid in full for my work there.


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