Monday, February 13, 2006

Life 101 cast list

LIFE 101: A New Musical
March 10-April 1 at the Civic's Firth J. Chew Studio Theatre

Music by Donovan Stohlberg
Lyrics by LB Hamilton
Book by Donovan Stohlberg and Yvonne A.K. Johnson
Directed by Yvonne A.K. Johnson

Tickets: $16. Call 325-2507.

Anything could happen, and probably will, when a professor with a hidden agenda and an unlikely mix of seven American university students discover that neither life, nor a study abroad course innocently titled, “LIFE 101: Spring in London” are quite as simple as they seem.

James Rickman -- Douglas Vinson
Emily Frederick -- Kendra Kimball
Professor Ryan -- Tony Caprile
Slash -- Charles Ivan Gift
Michelle LaPorte -- Maureen Krels
Josh Nelson -- Jimmy James Pendleton
Timothy Mensing -- David Hardie
Constance Willowflower -- Kelly Carnahan


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