Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The *Story* Not Told

Instead of *The Philadelphia Story* (as previously announced), Spokane Civic Theatre will instead produce Noel Coward's *Private Lives* in the March 31-April 23 slot. Trevor Rawlins will direct.
The change was made "due to casting challenges."
New auditions Thursday-Friday, Feb. 16-17, at 7 pm at the Civic.


  1. The Civic's Donovan Stohlberg reports that the reason for the switch from Barry to Coward is that "We didn’t have enough actors show up at auditions to cast the show. Primarily the male roles."

  2. Interesting. I don't recall Civic ever cancelling a production before because of poor audition turnout - not in my 25 years in Spokane at least - and I've never heard of it happening during Civic's 35 years before that. What's going on with the local talent base? Is this an omen of what's coming for local productions?

  3. They are moving to Interplayers to be professionals now.

  4. Or they think they are.

  5. Snide comments from various anonymous posters aside...
    This is no new omen. Lack of male talent is usually a problem. Most of the time, the producers and directors work their butts off literally calling all men who are talented enough to pull off the roles required.
    In this case, I applaud Civic for 1) it's quick action, 2) good choice in a replacement show. Private Lives has the same appeal as Philadelphia Story, with a much smaller cast. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

  6. Anybody know who's cast in Private Lives?