Wednesday, March 01, 2006

auditions for *Take Me Out*

Bobo's directing a Reading Stage production of Richard Greenberg's play.
Auditions at The Inlander, 1020 W. Riverside Ave., on Tuesday night, March 14, from 7:30-9 pm. (between the Spokane Club and the Masonic Temple, diagonally across from Our Lady of Lourdes; you may have to park a couple of blocks away, but at least parking is free after 6 pm)
Cold readings from the script: solo, duos, trios
All-male cast; 11 roles

Darren Lemming of the New York Empires (read A-Rod or Derek Jeter of the N.Y. Yankees) is a superstar -- biracial, utterly self-confident, self-contained to the point of arrogance. He decides to announce to the media that he's gay. The play concerns Darren's best friend and the Empires's shortstop, Kippy Sundstrom (more or less the play's narrator); Darren's new financial advisor, Mason Marzac (who's gay and knows nothing about baseball, at least at first); Darren's boyhood friend, Davey Battle (who's the superstar on an opposing team, dark-skinned, married with three kids and a conservative Christian); and the Empires' new whiz-bang relief pitcher, Shane Mungitt (full of homophobia and racism, analogous to John Rocker); along with five other Empires -- the manager (who doubles briefly as a letter-writing fan), two Hispanics, one Japanese pitcher, and a couple of undereducated/easily awed types just up from the minors.

The auditions are open to all local actors. Because race is important for five of the roles, ideally I'd like to cast actors of the appropriate ethnicities. Figure on about five two- to three-hour rehearsals of this three-act play before our sole performance in the Civic's Studio Theatre on Sunday, April 9, at 7 pm. Call 325-0634 x228 or write


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