Sunday, March 05, 2006

Stepping Out! at Interplayers

March 9-April 1, 2006
Spokane Interplayers Ensemble
directed by Troy Nickerson


At March 09, 2006 9:39 PM , Blogger swan said...

Following are copied/pasted statements from interPLAYERS website. My request of you, Bobo, and anyone else who sees this show is to discuss how this particular production succeeds (or fails) in meeting their claims. I'm simply curious, and I am absolutely not trying to take a hit at Troy, or any of the associated cast. I have worked with several of them before, I believe theirs is a lot of true talent, and I hope to work with them again one day (but elsewhere).
It's mostly because I personally felt there was no reason to cancel Miss Firecracker Contest in the first place, and I would like to know what makes this production better (particularly for the subscribers who bought their tickets a year ago) than the one originally scheduled and cast. ..
"About Interplayers


The mission of Spokane Interplayers Ensemble is to provide dynamic and innovative professional theatre to Spokane and the Inland Northwest. By developing and nuturing our regional talent base, raising the creative standards for regional theatrical production and expanding our artistic programming, Spokane Interplayers Ensemble strengthens its position as a significant Inland Northwest arts institution with local, regional and national impact."


At Interplayers Theatre you'll find a team of dedicated individuals who take pride in providing our audiences with quality, professionally developed productions.

This team includes everyone from our directors to set designers, to program creators, ushers and many more.

So at Interplayers, you'll experience not only professionally trained actors and extraordinary performances, but through your experience you may interact with some of the many people who help bring quality theatre to this region. "


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