Tuesday, May 09, 2006

unplanned *Mice* preview

Wednesday, May 3: a cast member in the production of *Laughter on the 23rd Floor* is running late — well, actually, forgot altogether that there was a show that night. What to do?

*Of Mice and Men,* the next Interplayers show, is there that night rehearsing. Why not set up a couple of music stands and have George and Lenny (George Green and Troy Nickerson) give the already assembled, waiting crowd a little foretaste of what the Steinbeck show (opening June 1) would be like, with just the two principals delivering a kind of impromptu readers' theater performance of the play's first scene?

Which brings up an interesting point: Maybe theaters should do this more often. Instead of hyped-up curtain speeches — come see our thrilling/hilarious/mesmerizing production of yadda-yadda — theaters could showcase a 10-minute scene of their upcoming show at, say, 7:40 pm; then let the crowd in from the lobby (those who arrive late or don't care for such fare); then the curtain at 8 pm. Just a thought.


At May 09, 2006 7:44 PM , Blogger swan said...

After I stopped laughing hysterically (hee hee "Professional" *snort*) I reread this. It might be nice to do something other than a pre-show speech at that! However, I would suggest something planned. If I want improv, I go to Comedysportz, or Blue Door, and I certainly don't pay $20.00 for it.


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