Monday, June 12, 2006

His performance just makes us sick

Just the opposite, actually: George Green is quite good playing his namesake in the current Interplayers production of *Of Mice and Men.*
But the following is a true story.
Green is 15 seconds from making an entrance during Saturday's matinee when, while waiting in the backstage darkness, he takes a swig from a water bottle.
Except that weren't no water bottle, pardner. Another actor, playing Carlson, does a little chaw onstage and -- well, that was his tobacco-spit bottle.
Green vomited, took a quick drink (from another, different bottle this time) ... and walked onstage. Had to act for five minutes. Felt queasy the whole time. Kept wondering if he looked especially pale under the lights. Somehow kept it together during the scene. Made his exit — and immediately vomited again.
Which means there's been a slight change in Interplayers' backstage rules: Water bottles at waist-height, OK. But all spit bottles are to be placed at floor level.


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