Friday, July 21, 2006

local actors featured in OSF promotional e-mail

Bobo opened a "Come Back to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival" promotional e-mail just now (OK, I feel guilty -- haven't been there in three years) only to be greeted by four wonderful pictures of an acting couple familiar to CdA and Spokane audiences, along with the following text:

Summertime in Ashland..."Still Magical."

There's still time to be with us this season for some "Ashland days filled with laughter, chatter, camaraderie, and always stimulating discussion around the incredibly rich theatre experience. What a great gather and enjoy the gifts of each other, the luxury of time and enrichment of theater arts." -- Member Susan E. Shapiro

OSF members Jeanne and Barrie MacConnell renew their membership and enjoy their benefits; shopping at the Tudor Guild, visiting with actor John Tufts after the members' post-matinee discussion, and ordering a drink in the members' lounge.

... and just as soon as Bobo figures out how to download photos from an e-mail into this blog, maybe you'll see Alba Jeanne and Barrie, too.


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