Thursday, November 02, 2006

*Big Love* at EWU

Friday-Saturday, Nov. 10-11, at 7:30 pm and
Tuesday-Saturday, Nov. 14-18, at 7:30 pm
EWU, University Theater, Washington Street, Cheney
across the street and west of Woodward Field
Tickets: $5; free, EWU students; for age 18 and older only
by Charles L. Mee
directed by Jessica L. Sety
Call 359-2459. Visit

In this refashioning of Aeschylus' *The Danaids*/*The Suppliant Women,* 50 brides flee 50 grooms; pop-culture mayhem and a lot of dead bodies ensue.

One review uses such phrases as "vaudevillian tragicomedy ... justice, revenge, arranged marriages ... a theatrical free-for-all ... domestic abuse, date rape, gender animosities, sexual coercion ... some of the grooms arrive by helicopter ... male-bashing ... there's a long monologue by a mother carrying a basket of fresh tomatoes, each of which comes to represent her sons -- as she talks about them, some of them end up squished." In one sequence, women repeatedly throw themselves to the ground and bounce back up, in defiance of men and their patriarchal complacency and over-confidence.


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