Monday, March 12, 2007

cast list for *The Nerd* at the Civic

*The Nerd,* by Larry Shue
Directed by Maria Caprile
March 30–April 22
Tickets: $18; $15, seniors; $12, students
Call: 325-2507
Back in Vietnam, Rick saved Willum's life. (Willum was unconscious and never saw Rick's face.) Now Willum is an architect who's having his 34th birthday party. Rick shows up — and turns out to be a socially inept, tactless, bumbling oaf.

Jaime Mathis as Tansy, the TV anchor next door
Chad Hagerty as Axel, the best friend
Paul Villabrille as Willum
Dave Rideout as Warnock, the haughty client/boss
Ryan Patterson as Clelia, Warnock's wife
Hunter Jasper and Spencer Lambdin as Thor, their bratty son
Brian Lambert as Rick Steadman, the nerd


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