Thursday, April 12, 2007


The Resident Curmudgeon has left a new comment on your post "yet more recent posts: duplicate programming; Civic fund-raisers":

To whomever it is that calls attention to my "burgeoning imagination" - checked and verified. The LCPH announced its 2006-2007 season in advance of the announcement from The Civic, and announced its 2007-2008 season the first week in February. The Interplayers made their first informal announcement - which included two LCPH selections - April 5th., albeit The Interplayers could announce only part of their season. They are still trying to get the rights to a couple of things. See this blog-Saturday, April 07, 2007. But my point remains. Why drive to Spokane and look for parking when I can see the same show - often as well done - here in Coeur d'Alene?
P.S., Love it when those with slings and arrows are unwilling to identify themselves on this blog. Ah, to be among the anonymous!

Bobo: Well, exactly, and it's why I try to monitor these, edit some and will probably soon revert to only identified postings.


  1. But who had the rights first?Both theatres will offer great entertainment i'm sure.

  2. Please be careful suggesting who will be cast in various shows (i.e., "Rainmaker" or "On Golden Pond" at Interplayers). It's amusing to speculate, but without contracts signed and schedules arranged, premature guesswork doesn't help secure the productions. While Kelly Quinnett may indeed return to Interplayers for "The Rainmaker," it's still in negotiations, and though their participation may be welcomed at some point to come, neither Jack Bannon, Ellen Travolta nor Bill Rhodes have as yet agreed to star in anything for the coming season.