Tuesday, April 10, 2007

just housekeeping stuff

1. Several of you have sent in comments that haven't yet been posted. It's due to technical difficulties. One way or another, Bobo will rectify this problem. Some of the delay has to do with issues concerning how this blog will continue (and in what form, and with what rules for posting comments) once the crappy Inlander Website gets a much-needed revamp. (We don't know of another alt-weekly in the country that allows unmoderated or anonymous postings to its in-house blogs.)

2. Sorry to make you bounce over to my Flickr.com account to view photos. My ignorance, having to do with Blogspot's getting out of Beta and revamping its own services.

3. Bobo made a last-minute editing decision today: To include a lengthier *Humble Boy* review with the promised additional comments, or to chop it way down (by about one-quarter in length) to make room for a much larger splash of the Patty-Duke-is-glaring-at-you shot. We went with the latter.


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