Tuesday, May 01, 2007

lagniappe on *Dusk*

Not much of a lagniappe, but ...
In tweaking and extending the blog version of my review of Bryan Harnetiaux's *Dusk* at the Civic, I ended up being able to fit in the following snippets. (And I had promised to do so.) (And some of what I wrote may get cut by fellow editors here today, anyway. Results in Thursday's paper.)

Nik Adams presents a crotchety old fart onstage, eyes twinkling as he shoots off the kind of cynical barbs that old farts can get away with.
Harnetiaux sketches in a liberal-activist past for Gil, but it’s almost counterproductive. We meet him when he’s dying and pissed off about it — but is the anger part and parcel of the hippie’s knee-jerk anger at the Establishment, or else something new entirely?

Benjamin Lee has good energy in his appearance as the career man. Both Harnetiaux and his actor have found more in Fitz than just the workaholic who fronts himself as carefree. As the ineffectual sibling, Maxwell Nightser is hilarious in recounting what he did (and why) the night Dad had a heart attack.


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