Wednesday, June 13, 2007

the 2006-07 Spokies

... appearing in the June 21 *Inlander*.
Consider the Suggestions Line officially open as of now.
Bobo, as aforementioned, is out of town Thursday-Saturday, but he shall rise again (like the South) on Sunday, June 17, Father's Day.
His goal is to honor the best of theater work in Spokane since June '06. We'll accompany the article with outtake photos (i.e., not before published in our paper) from several (?) productions of the last year.
Bobo wants YOU to make suggestions, by Sunday.
Please understand that he'll be responsible for making the choices, which will represent his opinions alone.
But given how difficult it's been in past years a) to find people who have been to nearly all -- or at least a representative majority of shows around here -- and who are not tied too closely to one particular theater AND willing to go on record with their choices, it seems better just to solicit input and

SO ... please, please write to me privately or, better yet, post a comment to this posting
concerning which actors and shows you thought were best around here in 2006-07.

Categories in which awards were given last year (and may again this year):
Wild Card
Supporting Actor, Play or Musical
Supporting Actress, Play or Musical
Actor, Comedy
Actor, Drama
Actor, Musical
Actress, Musical
Actress, Drama
Actress, Comedy
Director, Musical
Director, Play
Touring Musical
Local Musical

coming soon, a list of eligible shows -- but it starts with A Chorus Line, the first of the four CdA Summer TheatRE shows in summer '06 (the others being Peter Pan, Pippin and The King and I) ...

If you're going to write in, please do so by Sunday, June 17, at 4 pm.


At June 13, 2007 5:17 PM , Blogger Bit Part Player said...

In Spokane or In and Around :)

CDAST is (summoning my best Bob Ucker) 'Just a bit outside' Spokane, Though they mount great Bobo, which is it?

Cuz with me it's all or nuthin'

thank you for the collective groan;)


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