Friday, September 28, 2007

Holocaust drama at SCC, Oct. 9

(one woman's experience of the Holocaust)
SCC Lair, Bldg.6, Mission Ave. and Greene St.
Tuesday, Oct. 9, at 11:30 am
call 533-7081
Based on the true story of Janka Festinger, who lost her entire family in the World War II concentration camp Auschwitz, the play draws on a series of notes Festinger wrote in a composition book for an uncle in America following the war. Her stories frankly and poignantly describe her family’s deportation, separation and suffering at Auschwitz. Festinger later married a U.S. soldier and emigrated to the United States.
Written in Hungarian, the composition book was found by her son, “Janka” director Oscar Speace, following Festinger’s death in 1994. A neighbor helped translate Festinger’s notes, which Speace crafted into the one-woman play, “Janka.” Festinger’s daughter-in-law, actress Janice Noga, portrays Janka.


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