Saturday, October 13, 2007


Mostly for the cast of *South Pacific* at the Civic, who couldn't attend ...
She sang two songs from your show. Male chorus: "... masculine and cute for" got changed to "We got somethin' you got no substitute for" — and let me tell ya, Peters put so much sexual innuendo into the three syllables of "substitute" that all three of those syllables would be arrested in most states.
"Some Enchanted Evening" was done straight, clutching the microphone in a spotlight, just the piano accompaniment — not soaring, just a somewhat restrained torch song.
She opened with "Let Me Entertain You," swirling onstage in a clingy silver gown, that mass of red curls flopping into her face repeatedly.
In the first bit of patter, though, she seemed disoriented -- wasn't quite sure which Pops series she was opening or which orchestra was playing behind her, which she then compounded by making a really lame Spo-Kain slip-up, which she expanded on and repeated. A shaky start.
She sang Carrie's "Mister Snow" from *Carousel.* She opened with a half-dozen songs from musicals she'd been in (but hadn't sung that particular song). "Fever" was done lying down on the piano, singing up into the mike. A simple, heartfelt, lonesome version of "Shenandoah."
She encored with "Being Alive" (very good, but voice weakening a bit, and just not as brilliant as Raul Esparza was during the Tonys) and with a medley of three Mama Rose songs -- a nice "substitute" for not having seen her in *Gypsy* on Broadway. And of course "Children Will Listen" came near the end too.


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