Thursday, October 04, 2007

non-anonymous comments coming

For more than two years, this blog has been chugging along with the promise of someday being merged into a new, revamped *Inlander* Website (which at present, to put it kindly, is lousy). Now, at last, sometime in the foreseeable but still months-off future, the *Inlander* is going to get itself a brand-new Website with many bells and whistles.
Which will require posters to this blog to register on the Website with a real name and a (fictitious?) screen name.
But we will know who you are.
You'll be able to pop off as, say, Disgruntled Bobo-Despiser, but at least what you say will be tied to an e-mail address which we could look up. (And you could change, and we could look up again. You get the idea: a modicum of accountability.)
Cheers. Bobo hopes this will lead to more — and even more responsible — postings.


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