Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Elliot Spitzer is Angelo

*Measure for Measure* is one of Bobo's favorite Shakespeare plays.
Moralistic guy turns out to be a horndog: Wish I'd made this equivalence first.


True story: Last time I saw *M for M* was at the Utah Shakespearean Festival, c. 2003. In the audience was one of the architects of Mr. Bush's War, Paul Frickin' Wolfowitz, (The war had just started a couple of months before, I think.) Some Secret Service, but not much. He's talking at intermission to a couple of smiling rich folks. I came THIS CLOSE to barging in, faking some story about meeting him before at that party in Georgetown, you remember, at the Gustafsons'? Anyway, I just wanted you to know, Paul, that tens of millions of Americans and I KNOW that you're wrong about Iraq, wrong about the cost, and that tens of thousands of people are going to die because of your egotistical little schemes, you toe-sucking cockroach. And you look a lot better on TV.

Didn't do it. Gutless. My red-phone moment.
You don't want me taking that call at 3 a.m.
But you don't want Paul Wolfowitz or his lackey Bush taking it either.


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