Thursday, April 03, 2008

*Gypsy* vs. *South Pacific*

Those are the two front-runners in the Tony race for Best Revival of a Musical, according to

The article makes other points (a squabble among producers, a debate over whether Arthur Laurents should be eligible for the director's Tony, the fact that the orchestra for *Sunday in the Park With George* "sounds as if it's made up of a kazoo and a couple of combs wrapped in wax paper").

But my favorite line from the article -- Warning: Bitchiness Alert! -- is the following:

"'Grease,' the fourth revival of the season, is the worst show in the history of theater and represents an unparalleled assault on Western civilization and its values."
So, Mr. Michael Riedel, we'll put you down, then, as considering 'Grease' to be a turkey?
Gobble, gobble.


At April 06, 2008 7:27 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's the strongest revival year in recent memory. ' 'Sunday' is stunning. One of the most moving pieces I've ever seen. (And the set design is jaw-dropping and gets audible wows from the audience) Jenna Russell and Daniel Evans are both heartbreaking. I highly recommend finding the London Cast Recording. (I don't think they are re-recording it here) But that recording has both Evans and Russell.

Gypsy is also an amazing production. It feels as if you've stepped into the 1950's and are seeing a 'golden age' musical. Patti LuPone gives the performance of her already impressive career and Laura Benanti should most definitely win the supporting award.

South Pacific is equally as impressive. The set design and feel of the show make is accessible to a modern audience. And Kelli O'Hare can do no wrong, really.


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