Tuesday, May 20, 2008

25 and out

The 25th Playwrights Festival Forum at Spokane Civic Theatre will also be its last. Despite a format change (six short plays performed on each of six nights, over two weekends) and the addition of acting workshops (and Sandra Hosking as a second playwright in residence, joining Bryan Harnetiaux), the Civic's board has voted to discontinue PFF. That's unfortunate, because it cuts off one of the community theater's most distinctive features.


  1. Unfortunate, indeed. Another victim of a profit-driven society?

  2. Sandra Hosking has been named co-Playwright in Residence at the Civic; her play "Con Science" will be presented as part of the Playwrights Festival Forum there next month.

    "I'm excited to be included in this year's festival as both a writer and director because it is our 25th anniversary and about my 10th year of involvement," Hosking says. "The festival has been very instrumental in helping me develop my plays and ready them for productions outside of Spokane. Many of the plays produced in the festival have gone on to have rich lives. I also met many clever and hardworking playwrights from all over the country with whom I have forged lasting professional relationships.

    "I'm saddened by Spokane Civic Theatre's decision to discontinue the festival. I think such a festival is a great opportunity for writers, actors, and directors — many of whom use the festival as a sort of proving ground or a place to practice their art without having to commit to a 'big' show. I'm very grateful to those who have worked on the shows in the past and the people who attended and offered feedback."

  3. No details as to why this decision was made?

  4. Here's an idea....
    Instead of groveling, why don;t those of us that care so much about the preservation of this distinctive event continue it on our own in summer of 2009. There are to "rights" to it anymore... um... hello...
    I know. Bobo, you are a writer (at least you think you are)... you head it up. This could be your one chance to contribute to the art instead of BASHING IT ALL DAY. Perhaps the Inlander might step up and prove it is not a PROFIT making decision. But I am sure it will turn into that if they head it up. Back to reality - someone take the festival a run with it.

  5. Thank you for saying that, it is easy to sit on the outside and judge, sometimes you have to make tough choices.