Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bowen is alive and well

Michael Bowen is alive and well.
You may not think much of him as a theater critic, but he's alive.

I am very, very sorry for having caused people such anguish and worry. I am touched by your concern.
Obviously my little joke backfired badly.
Let me explain. As avid readers of this blog (are there any?) may recall, the post I just erased was based on a David Mamet joke in which he won a contest for writing a perfect something. He won for writing the "perfect" theater review. The entry I had posted was a close paraphrase of that Mamet joke.
Except it wasn't taken as a joke. And for that, I'm really sorry.

I'm driving to Walla Walla today to do a triathlon. I'm having a great day -- looking forward to it. It's beautiful. I am very sorry to have caused an uproar and scared people - mortified, actually. I've just had some wonderful, perceptive, caring phone calls from several people. It was not my intention to cause anyone any worries. I'm sorry I did so. More on Monday.


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