Monday, May 26, 2008

don't even joke about it

Bobo sincerely apologizes to everyone he upset or frightened on Saturday morning.
Didn't mean to do it. Sorry it happened.
I guess he learned that, like terrorism and bombs in airports, suicide is not something to joke about.

For context (the allusion to the David Mamet joke-review):
See the comments to the March 3 entry on this blog, "Spoilers"

also, Mamet in the May 2008 Vanity Fair, being interviewed:
What is your idea of perfect happiness?
My idea of perfect happiness is a healthy family, peace between nations, and all the critics die.

For all those of you out there with schadenfreude:
Bobo got a flat tire during the the bike portion of his triathlon Sunday and couldn't continue the race. Serves him right.


  1. from David Mamet:

    I once won one of Mary Ann Madden's "Competitions" in New York magazine. The task was to name or create a "10" of anything, and mine was the World's Perfect Theatrical Review. It went like this: "I never understood the theater until last night. Please forgive everything I've ever written. When you read this I'll be dead." That, of course, is the only review anybody in the theater ever wants to get.

  2. you are not Mamet and therefore can not pull it off.

  3. Realy,go away.