Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Playwrights Festival Forum

"Workshopping Shakespeare" by D.J. Edmiston; directed by Ron Ford
with Max Nightser as Shakespeare, Will Gilman as Actor, and Penny Lucas as Producer
Spokane Civic Theatre
June 5-14, 2008
25th Playwrights Festival Forum


  1. Here she goes again! The Executive Director of the Civic Theatre has manuplated the Board to have her way. It was this attitude that resulted in the mass resignations late last year.She was happy to have only close friends to rubber stamp her wishes. Knowing Matt Harget would not be at the Board meeting, she brought the dropping of Plawrights Festival to a vote and eliminated it. Matt resigned and the Board keeps getting smaller.

  2. 1st - Mr. Bowen - you should not have allowed this post to be on the blog. By allowing such statements you are endorsing the demise of positive theatre as a whole in this community - as an artist.. I beg you to use better judgement. You can post this is if you choose as well but it is not needed. Please, please - we have had ENOUGH of you allowing this to happen. This blog needs to cease. it is not healthy. No - I don't work for any theatre -I just perform. I won't tell you who I am out of FEAR - yeas FEAR that you will put me in print someday.

    2nd - It is a lie... Playwright's plain sucks.

  3. This person (poster) clearly hates success.

  4. I think there are many of us who are upset... but to assume it was a grand conspiracy??? That just seems odd.
    Did we have another board member on the grassy knoll??

    Don't get me wrong, I do not agree with this decision, but it is theirs to make.
    Personally, I plan on "fighting back" as it were, by helping to put on the best instance of the festival that has ever occurred.
    And you can do so, by attending the shows... if I wasnt involved in them, thats what I would do.

  5. To the FIRST ANON...Not quite the truth, actually not the truth at all, but here we go again with the petty crap that Spokane is known so well for. Did you actually talk to Yvonne? I'm guessing not. Did you talk to Matt? Again, I'm guessing not. I'm guessing you read the article that Bobo printed which was misleading as to why Matt tendered his resignation. How do I know there is not truth to your statement? I actually asked straight up what the deal was because some harpy was gossiping on this ever so dramatic blog about how the Evil Tyrant Yvonne is bending everyone to do her will. You think we're really *that* bendable? Please. Give us some credit here. Consider this. There was a community of people keeping the PFF alive and they didn't succeed the way they would've liked. They worked hard out of love and passion for the festival. Were you a part of it? Have you been? What did you do to keep it alive? Maybe if Spokane was so passionate about it, there would have been more than 12 people at OPENING night of the festival to support those who have worked so hard. They wouldn't have had to beg people to direct this year. People should've been knocking down the door at Civic to make it successful, yet there were not. Maybe you should be the one to ressurect it and work as hard as the playwrights did. MAYBE, just maybe you should consider your sources. Are you ON the board? Were you there for the vote? Where is your point of reference? The people I know in the theatre community have been cleaning up their gossip act quite aggressively for the last few years. Maybe you should do the same.

  6. maybe Patty Duke will take over PFF.

  7. The Civic's leadership objected to the June 5 *Inlander* article that I wrote previewing the PFF, on two grounds:
    1) They wish it had come out later.
    2) I was wrong about the reasons for a board member's resignation.
    But I have a document dated June 2 that goes into great detail about those reasons. And as for the timing: the story was brought to me — and the end of a 25-year tradition at one of our area's most prominent arts organizations was definitely an arts story worth reporting.
    We did not consider sitting on the story until later. *The Inlander* has previewed or reviewed the PFF in six of the last seven years, and I stand by the accuracy and fairness of my reporting on it this time.

  8. Mr Bowen - are you telling the whole story again?
    You are a clever wordsmith, sir...

  9. The Civic — and Bryan Harnetiaux — would have preferred to focus on the positives of PFF this week while waiting until later this summer to announce its demise.
    The Civic, with the board member's resignation letter, felt that it had evidence of motives for that resignation which contradicted what was printed in The Inlander. At that point, it had no knowledge of the document that had been sent to me.