Monday, June 02, 2008


Despite the discontinuation of the Playwrights Forum Festival, the Civic's two playwrights in residence, Bryan Harnetiaux and Sandra Hosking, will continue their association with the theater.
Executive Artistic Director Yvonne A.K. Johnson has announced that in September, Harnetiaux will direct a collaborative project with the Center for Justice, *The Exonerated* (the 2002 documentary play by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen about six real-life cases of people who were falsely convicted and lived on Death Row for years before being proven innocent).
Both Hosking and Harnetiaux, says Johnson, "will be assisting with the play preparation for AACTFest 2009," when Johnson's own production of *One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest* will be entered into state (and perhaps regional and national) competition.
Johnson adds that the two playwrights in residence will headline an event in spring 2009 that will perhaps take the place of PFF: "We will be hosting a 'Harnetiaux and Hosking' weekend, which will feature their work — and they will solicit new works that can be produced on a play-by-play basis at various levels, from reading stage versions to workshops to performances."


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