Friday, July 18, 2008

Kalensky classes

Friday-Sunday, Aug. 22-24
Interplayers' consulting artistic director, Karen Kalensky, is returning to offer a three-day acting class (resumes, nervousness, auditioning)
Also classes for ages 12-16 on Aug. 23 and 25
Call: (818) 481-2244


At July 19, 2008 11:50 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How did her first round of classes go in June?

At July 22, 2008 11:02 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

can anyone comment on how they were and if they were worth the money?

At July 29, 2008 10:18 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I took Karen's class in June, and have taken several other acting classes over the years. As you may know, Karen is an experienced and qualified educator in the field, as well as being an actor, director, etc.
Anyway, I found the classes helpful. There were people in the class who had never stood on stage before, and others who had a great deal of experience. Karen was able to meld this group into a supportive and positive learning environment for all. She was able to assist several people in finding dialogues, and I was impressed by how well the dialogues fit the personality and strengths of each individual. Watching the growth of every individual in the class was a real pleasure, as well as fun. Seems to me it is helpful to be reminded of acting fundamentals frequently, and she also worked with some of the physical and spiritual aspects of acting that can be overlooked. I thought the class was well worth the money, and in fact plan on taking it again this time.

Jackie Davis

At July 29, 2008 3:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard mixed from people most thought better for the beginner actor and that the cost was to high.


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