Saturday, October 18, 2008

apropos of nothing

A nice scenic shot from a Broadway show. A slide show in the theater section of the *New York Times* illustrates an evocative, half-naturalistic, half-fantastical set for the John Lithgow *All My Sons,* which just opened on Thursday, as directed by Simon McBurney, with sets and costumes by Tom Pye. See also this.

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  1. Bobo has acted with John Lithgow.
    No, really.
    Fall of about '85, UCLA. Bobo's the T.A. in Prof. Karen Rowe's English 90, Shakespeare for non-English Majors. Lithgow is (or was then) married to a UCLA economics prof, a friend of Rowe's. She had him in to read *1 Henry IV.* Bobo and Lithgow switched off playing Falstaff and Prince Hal.
    His Falstaff was a LOT better than Bobo's.
    A LOT better.
    Rowe ran off so many dittos before class that we referred to her as "Our Lady of the Purple Fingers."