Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Daniel MacIvor wins $100K

And who's he? One of the playwrights represented in the evening of two one-acts that opens at the Civic's Studio Theater on Friday night. MacIvor, originally from Nova Scotia and now based in Toronto, wrote "Never Swim Alone," which will appear on a bill with Ellen Byron's "Graceland" in the Civic's downstairs black box.
The $100,000 is from Canada's biggest theatrical prize.
Look for more on the play in Bobo's preview in The Inlander on Thursday, Oct. 30.
Bobo's psyched because "Swim" is an exceptionally good script and because
Richard Ouzounian's article in The Star lists five other plays by MacIvor, whose work is worth investigating.
( See also the MacIvor happy face at www.banffcentre.ca/media_room/images/2008/
bsaf/images/macivor_l.jpg ) More later ...

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