Thursday, October 16, 2008

McColm goeth before a Lane

Broadway will have Bill Irwin and Nathan Lane in *Waiting for Godot* starting in late April 2009 — this, according to Michael Riedel in the N.Y. Post — but Interplayers will have Maynard Villers and Reed McColm as Vladimir and Estragon a month earlier.
Riedel includes some interesting commentary and photos on the connections between Lane and Bert Lahr.

Added 2 Nov 08:
The Guardian reports that a couple of actors you may have heard of will be touring *Godot* next year (March-June) in Britain: Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen.
Some of the reason for this flurry of productions? Beckett wrote *Godot* in its original French version from Oct. 1948-Jan. '49 -- the play is 60 years old.

Added 19 Dec 08:
Two familiar names have been added to the Broadway production, opening April 30. The cast now includes Nathan Lane as Estragon, Bill Irwin as Vladimir, John Goodman ("The Big Lebowski") as Pozzo and David Strathairn ("Goodnight, and Good Luck.") as Lucky.

{ John Goodman triple photo: - via, probably, Vanity Fair magazine }

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