Monday, March 16, 2009

*No Exit* at Empyrean, March 20-22

The Gonzaga-affiliated Drunken Sailor Theater Group presents Jean-Paul Sartre's 1944 existentialist drama this weekend, Friday through Sunday, at the coolest coffeehouse in town, 154 S. Madison St.
Just $7, or $5 for students -- and only 75 minutes long. Since it starts at 6 pm on Friday-Saturday and at 2 pm on Sunday afternoon, there will be plenty of time to party afterward.

Director Jenny Van Houdt calls *No Exit* "a sordid feast of existentialism centered around three questionable characters who find themselves trapped together in one hideous room. ... These characters have found their place in hell, and they have an eternity to get on each other's nerves."
These three are capable of some nasty comments to one another — e.g., "I wonder why she even tries to dance. Unless it's to help her lose weight."
Van Houdt adds that her Drunken Sailor Theatre Troupe, "a student group operating out of Gonzaga, is willing to break the bank for the love of theater. Just like the name implies, we intend to operate with more hazardous content — so don't expect any musicals anytime soon. And as for swearing like a drunken sailors, it's a given."

Cradeau: Jason Meade
Inez: Brigid Carey
Estelle: Ashley Newberry
Demon: Taylor Warren

*No Exit* at Wikipedia is here.

Student responses to *No Exit* and some quotations from the play, drawn from a WSU source, are here.

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