Saturday, June 13, 2009

A play on Twitter ... and in Hayden Lake

140: A Twitter Performance, by Jeremy Gable

Check out the tweets of Dane, 16; his best friend Nic, 18; his girlfriend Courtney, 17; and his stepmother Leslie, who's only 26 herself

continuing through August

Dane is such a loser, he actually likes Transformers.
These kids tweet one another when they're sitting in the same room.

Courtney has had the best line so far:
It sucks trying to find a good paying job in Idaho. Anybody know a non-crap job that doesn't pay minimum wage?

Note to verbose playwrights like, say, T.S. Eliot and Tony Kushner (Bobo's thinking of the opening monologue in Homebody/Kabul): Writing in 140-character chunks might impose some verbal restraint, you know?

[ map: from; also the site of a portion of the bike route in next weekend's CdA Ironman triathlon ]

Paul Hodgins' blog post for the OC Register is here.

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