Tuesday, June 09, 2009


An L.A. Times post suggests that while about 3.6 percent of all Americans watched at least part of Game 2 of the NBA Finals (Lakers vs. Magic), about 2.4 percent watched part of the Tony Awards.
Put that way, theater doesn't seem quite so marginal. Ratings were up; the quality and size of the Broadway season were up.
Bobo's take: The Shrek number was embarrassing and awful. I was intrigued by *Next to Normal.* Geoffrey Rush was eloquent and funny.
And I read *God of Carnage* last night -- single set, 2 M & 2 W; this script will get performed a lot, much like *Art.* Amazing how Reza evokes the beast-like, savage selfishness that crouches inside the id, ready to spring, while at the same time writing laugh-out-loud passages.

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