Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Half-price tickets; musicals in development; musicals in Britain

Two theaters in Denver are experimenting with a restricted number of half-price tickets: less than a quarter of the house is sold that way, with or without $10 student rush tickets. Note the cap quote, re: theater expansion during the Great Recession: "Flat is the new up."
Possible strategies for our local theaters?

(Note also that opening at Denver Center Theater Company this weekend is The Voysey Inheritance, which Bobo just reread for the sheer pleasure of it -- David Mamet's thorough revision (I went back and checked the 1905 original) of Harley Granville-Barker's play about a family that has been running a Ponzi scheme for generations. Talk about relevant, in the wake of Bernie Madoff! (They didn't anticipate that for all the 2005 centennial revivals.) But it's got a dozen roles, many of them small, so more suited to college and community theaters than to organizations which pay actors' salaries and housing....).

New musicals based on Little Miss Sunshine and Like Water for Chocolate will go into development later this year, based on the L.A. Times' arts blog.

Kat Brown at The Guardian's theater blog reports on recent British musicals -- note in particular the comments on Only the Brave, a D-Day love story musical, and the wonderfully titled Austentatious, a musical about a regional production of Pride and Prejudice.

[ poster: austentatiousthemusical.co.uk ]

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