Monday, October 26, 2009

*String of Pearls*: photos

at the Civic's Firth J. Chew Studio Theater through Nov. 15

Sara Denison as Zoe the nasty 3-year-old in Michele Lowe's String of Pearls, at Spokane Civic Theater (Oct.-Nov. '09); photos by Young Kwak for The Inlander

Left to right: Randy (Sara Denison), Wanda (Kate Vita), Ela (Jean Hardie) and Linda (Tami Rotchford) in String of Pearls at the Civic: "The Divorced White Witches from Shorewood" contemplate going skinny-dipping in Lake Michigan. 

Tami Rotchford and Jean Hardie:

Directed by Susan Hardie
Jean Hardie as Woman One (Hallie, Ela, Aunt Patty, Dora, Gloria, Jeweler)
Kate Vita as Woman Two (Beth, Wanda, Helen, Erica, Abby)
Tami Rotchford as Woman Three (Roberta, Linda, Josianne, French Saleswoman, Kyle)
Katie Carey as Woman Four (Amy, Denise, Stephanie, Victoria, Kyle's Mother
Sarah Denison as Woman Five (Beverly, Randy, Zoe, Jitters, Cheryle, Cindy)

** Bobo's preview for Thursday's Inlander refers more to Michele Lowe's four-actress casting of roles than it does to this five-actress arrangement; his fault entirely. 

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