Monday, December 28, 2009

Hugh Grant hates going to the theatre

An article in The Guardian about why Hugh Grant dislikes theater contains a wake-up call for those of us who love it:

(a snippet from blogger Nosheen Iqbal's commentary:)
The level of engagement – and fiscal investment – needed for a night at the theatre is often much greater than that demanded by listening to an album, watching a film or reading a book. The frustration caused by having to disengage with it once you've realised it's not your cup of tea – walking out at the interval instead of turning it off or flinging it across the room – is greater still.
I love theatre with a passion that hinges on the nerdy, but even I'd say that the ratio of hits to misses put on in an average year is way lower than it should be.

In other words, we all have the obligation to give theater our all. Because every bad night out just turns off yet another potential long-term playgoer.

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