Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mangled *Macbeth*

Another theater-related piece in this week's upcoming Inlander, and more shameless self-promotion: a Last Word on people's memories of the plot of Macbeth, leading to predictably half-baked and hilarious kinda-sorta_recollections.

Hey, Bobo has taught these plays and supposedly knows something about them, and yet I messed up on the pop quiz about who dies in the fifth act of Romeo and Juliet (and by what methods, and in what order). You'll see the relevance if you follow the links online tomorrow at to the NPR story about the Nature Theater of Oklahoma — which are in the tag to the story. On newsstands tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.

[ photo: Christopher Lambert as Connor "The Highlander" MacLeod in the 1986 movie ]

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