Thursday, February 04, 2010

Shameless plug for online book discussion before Get Lit

Not really theater-related, but ...
(On the other hand, Bobo counted nearly 500 folks at Gonzaga on Tuesday night for Sharon Olds. And poetry readings are a kind of theater: Focused on the words and not the gestures, of course, though it was pleasant to be reminded how much facial expressions can add humor and foreboding, even when the speaker's stuck behind a podium.)

Anyway, Bobo's trying to get the word out on a literary thing he's trying to pull off:
A couple of online book clubs devoted to works written by two novelists, both of whom (by coincidence) will appear in Spokane at Get Lit! on April 17:
Richard Russo and Victor Lodato

Specifcally, I'm trying to inaugurate online discussion forums centered on Richard Russo’s novel That Old Cape Magic (about a middle-aged writer caught up in memories of his snobbish parents and the way his marriage used to be) and Victor Lodato’s novel Mathilda Savitch (in which a secretive teenage girl investigates her sister’s death). 

Bobo met Lodato briefly at the O'Neill National Theater Center in Connecticut, back in July 2005. (I remember; he won't; he was workshopping a play; I was there as a practicing critic.)
Russo's going to be interviewed onstage by Jess Walter as the premier event at Get Lit this April. 

In early April at Auntie’s Bookstore, we're going to schedule discussons at which you’ll have a chance to meet the people you’ve discussed the books with online. Visit “Inlander Book Club” at

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