Friday, August 20, 2010

INW Radio

Swing your browser over to Inland Northwest Radio for recorded audio conversations about marketing, INW music, local writers, social networking, wineries, all things wedding-related, and so on.

Jerry Sciarrio is hosting a show called "Applause" in which he fritters away his time (and yours) by listening to local artsy-fartsy types blather on and on.

Half-hour chats have been recorded with Reed McColm of Interplayers, Janeane Jorgensen of KPBX, Patrick Treadway of His Own Little Universe, Jim Kershner of the Spokesman, Yvonne Johnson of the Civic, and Bobo of Blah-Blah.

And actually, I've learned things (for example, about Jim K's Colorado and Wyoming exploits). So ... happy listening.

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