Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Theater marketing and theater trailers

To follow up on a discussion Bobo tagged back in June: Scot Covey has now completed his seven posts on how to innovate new forms of theater marketing. (Out of order in the sidebar, but all clickable.) They're worth a look.
Bobo's no marketing expert, but Covey has worked on political campaigns and for the (alas, defunct) Theater de la Jeune Lune in Minnesota — and he has some good ideas:
Theatergoers are not monolithic: Know what kind of theatergoers you're marketing to.
Strive for "fans" and not "patrons." Top-line your actors in your advertising -- not your venue or your directors. Use Facebook, but not exclusively.
Consider that most forms of entertainment today can be consumed at home, in your jammies, on the Internet. Not so live performance. The only real solution? High-quality theatrical trailers. Give people a reason to get excited about what your next big musical is going to look and sound like.
If the only way people can see your product involves their paying $20, you're missing out: Hold events at your place that involve free and easy access.



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