Sunday, August 21, 2005

an appeal to local theater techies

Techies and Other Important Backstage Folk: Please give Bobo story ideas for how to write about what you do!

I'm talkin' 'bout Susan Berger, Dee Finan, Kim Crawley, Judith and Michael McGiveney, Swan and Jason Laws, Dan Heggem, Janice Abramson, John Hofland, Maynard Villers, Alice Kennedy, Dean Panttaja, Scott Lockwood, Dean Bourland, Peter Hardie, Nik Adams and (my apologies to all those not mentioned here -- completely my oversight -- blame me, flame me) and many more ...

Would it be feasible for me to shadow a stage manager during an actual performance?

Why are tech rehearsals so vital for the light board operator and so boring for everyone else?

Anybody care share war stories about the biggest mid-performance snafus
you ever endured, and how you covered up for them?

Or do techies possess such natural reticence that they never, ever address themselves to someone describing himself as a "theater ho"?



  1. Would this include the time that Malvolio at the Utah Shakes forgot his letter prop at the end of 12th Night and and nearly took out my eye?

  2. Also: if I were SMing anything i'd let you look over my shoulder. Sadly I am not in any danger of having that chance.

  3. You mean there are snafus backstage even at "Tony Award-winning" professional theaters like Utah Shakes?

    This could be rich -- c'mon, stage managers ... tell us your stories of when the wheels fell off ...