Sunday, August 21, 2005

What's with the timing of the Interplayers R&J?

By next June, most local high schools, colleges and universities will have ended their semesters (or else be so late in the semester that not a lot of students are going to break off studying for finals in order to go see an unhappy play in a hot theater).

For much of May, at least, the Interplayers cast will be rehearsing. And the Othello cast reportedly had great success taking scenes and commentary to local schools.

Is there any way to change the Interplayers schedule (yet again, after the Lewis & Clark show got moved to Gonzaga) so that both the rehearsals and the performance run of a play like Romeo and Juliet would show up during the school year?

I'm personally hoping to link up local theater students with the production of a script that, after all, is studied by practically every 9th-grader in the nation. They'll profit more from being able (and willing) to witness both rehearsals and the actual production.

Has the Interplayers board considered the potential revenue loss of scheduling R&J right at (or after) the end of the school year?

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  1. Speaking of schedule changes, I subscribed and paid for a 7 season show. Now, I am hearing that there will only be five shows (although they are apparently still selling subscriptions at the 7 show rate). I just get the run-around when I call (that is when someone decides that they want to pick up the phone). I feel cheated.