Tuesday, September 06, 2005

competing Yorks

In case you're following David Casteal's performance schedule of Bryan Harnetiaux's play about William Clark's black slave of 200 years ago, here goes:

Sept. 10 at the Civic
Sept. 17-18 in Olympia
Sept. 24-25 in Joseph, Ore., as part of a Nez Perce tribal festival
Sept. 27 at the MAC in Spokane (for teachers only)

Oct. 2 in Clarkston, Wash.
Oct. 8 at the MAC, in connection with the David Thompson exhibit
Oct. 15 in the Tri-Cities

Dec. 2 in Vancouver, Wash.

The Clarkston and Kennewick performances coincide with visits by the National Parks Service's traveling semi-trailer filled with Lewis and Clark memorabilia, known as the Corps of Discovery II.

Visit: www.nps.gov/pub_aff/lewis_clark/corps_events.htm

Turns out there's a competing theatrical York. According to Harnetiaux, one "Hassan Davis, a retired lawyer from Tennessee, is doing York, too -- but as a Living History kind of lecture, not as a theatrical play." Apparently Davis drew 425 people in April to _his_ York show at the Wilma Theater in Missoula.

On Oct. 1 in Clarkston, Davis will perform his show, with Casteal appearing the next day: duelling Yorks in Clarkston.


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