Thursday, September 01, 2005

Lake City Playhouse and the new CdA community center

Lake City's artistic director, Tracey Vaughan, is happy that the community theater she leads may have a place in the new community center funded by the McDonalds money of Roy Kroc's widow, Joan.
The following is all very preliminary, as the community center itself is only in the "pre-planning" stages. But it looks as if there might be a performance space of some kind in the center, that the Salvation Army would be a tenant, and that the combined influence of McDonalds and the Army would lead to a requirement that shows performed in the new space be child- and family-oriented.
All well and good, says Vaughan, but Lake City doesn't want to confine its mission exclusively to such fare. As it has for years, it would like to produce a variety of shows -- many of them suitable for kids, many of them aimed at a more mature audience.
The upshot is that Lake City will continue to reside in its present building -- perhaps (remember, this is all speculative) producing some family-friendly shows at the new community center (with completion of that building still far off) while still performing shows at its present home (and using its present space, originally built as an LDS church, as a rehearsal space as well).
The generosity of Joan Kroc and others in making new community gathering spots possible -- not just in CdA, but around the country -- is a great development. And it's great that some kind of performance space may be integrated into the design.

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