Friday, January 13, 2006

CenterStage Live! a variety show

Opening Feb. 10 for a series of six- to eight-weekend runs. Artistic Director Tim Behrens describes it as "Ed Sullivan meets Monty Python meets Saturday Night Live."
A writing team -- Reed McColm, Behrens, Patrick Treadway and Maria Caprile -- are busily writing skits and lyrics for the show, which may change slightly from week to week. Figure on about a 90-minute show with stand-up comedy, skits, cabaret, magicians, singers, dancers and more. The show's music advisors include Janean Jorgensen, Danny McCollim, Leslie Grove and Janet Roble.
CenterStage Live! will be a kind of offshoot of The District variety show on First Night (Dec. 31), which featured stand-up, solo guitar, belly dancing, cabaret singing and a female impersonator. The show's theme will change every few weeks; Behrens mentions radio, vaudeville, war, cabaret and the 1890s as possibilities.
The second floor of CenterStage, says Behrens, has been reconfigured with fewer eight-person tables and "more two- and three-tops."
Asked if there were plans for any musical plays in dinner-theater format at CenterStage, Behrens said no -- the variety show is it.


  1. Hooray for vaudeville!

  2. I heard u can rent Centerstage for outside theatre performances is this true? Bobo?

  3. This should be interesting good luck guys.